Stock News on a Personalised Channel

For Barron’s, we developed a cross-platform digital solution, with which the user can create their own channel for news connected to their stock portfolios. This app is available for iOS, as well as on the web.

Denon Electronics

Feel the Beat with Audio Demonstration

You can now experience all the latest features from new listening devices via an interactive audio presentation on the mobile application we’ve created for Denon Electronics. Get the app and hear the beat!

Coldwell Banker

iOS-Platform Mobile Applications

We built an iOS-platform project for the Coldwell Banker real-estate agency that is fully optimised for tablets, smartphones and websites. This project was built specifically to handle high levels of traffic and user data without any performance problems, such as compromising speed.


Ideal Social Platform Reporting

Using our app for PKP, customers and staff can report positive and negative experiences, from warning about small or complicated problems to simply sharing a pleasant experience from the trains or the stations. All input is welcome and can be easily addressed thanks to this application. For more complex responses, reports can be forwarded to administrators on the custom application backend.