Business Apps

IPhone & iPad Applications are now available for small businesses with limited budget too. This is partly because of competition among the different brands of smart phones and partly because Apple Inc., the manufacturers of iPhone and iPad, want to increase the features of the devices that it offers. Apple Inc. knows very well that it is only the client oriented features that can help it to tide over the competition from other smart phone manufacturers.


You may wonder how apps for business can be useful. Well, first of all, they help you communicate with your customers better and faster. They help you be informed about all that is going on with your business, if you are not in the office. With other words business apps just make your life easer and simpler. That is the reason why we want to present you the top 6 business apps for iPhone and iPad.


Some of the prominent iPhone and iPad applications that are especially meant for small business are as follows.
  1. WorldCard Mobile: This application is a business card reader. With this application the iPhone and iPad can store the data on the visiting card. The business man need not carry pile of visiting cards everywhere he/she goes. At time searching of the visiting card that you need could be very cumbersome task, but with the help of this application the searching of the visiting card becomes very easy.
  2. TripIt: This application pertains to organizing your travel itinerary. This application has been designed especially for the businessmen who have to be constantly on the run making calls and conducting meeting in various places that are geographically far apart.
  3. Intuit GoPayment: This application is a credit card terminal that facilitates accepting the credit cards from anywhere and anytime. With this application in your iPhone or iPad you can accept the payments and as well as do the payments. You need not wait for the check to get clear. You need not do follow-up for the invoice payments. This application allows you to carry your business where ever you go without losing any business operations.
  4. Skype: Before the advent of the smart phones, Skype was famous as a tool for sending and receiving messages and chatting on the internet. Now with the iPhone or iPad you can operate the Skype from the device in your palm. You can receive and make calls. You can even send and receive instant messages. With the help Phone or iPad you can remain connected from any corner of the earth. Downloading and utility is quite easy too. The latest version of this application allows the user to allow the running of Skype in the background when you are calling over the 3G device.
  5. Keynote: This application makes the art of presentation very easy. With this application in the iPhone or iPad one can create the best presentations and even make the presentation lively by embedding the animations and graphics.
  6. Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite: This application is very unique because it pertains to Microsoft® Office productivity. With this application in the iPhone or iPod, a mere touch can facilitate you with services like Dropbox,, MobileMe and Google Docs


We can talk on and on about why you need to consider use these apps, but the important things is that you need to experience their benefit by yourself. That is the best way to realize that these 6 apps can do miracles in your life!