Mobile App Development Agency, London

UK Smartphone and web applications have proven to be a highly successful tool for growing a customer base and increasing business productivity. Our mobile app development agency in London offers you an opportunity to create an outstanding app with innovative designs and functionality to advertise your products, communicate to your customers and, as a result, add value to your business.

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Our services

We are proud of building disruptive mobile apps that deserve even our competitors’ respect. Our app developers, London, deliver professional development services using edge-cutting mobile technologies.
Our mobile development agency is a place where perfectly formed codes are created to realise your amazing ideas. We strive to meet your requirements and objectives in fine fashion and work hard to ensure that your mobile app also delivers a high ROI.
And using all the opportunities of mobile devices we can design  mobile apps with such benefits as an inbuilt seamless payment mechanism, push notifications, personalised accounts, ready-made channel to market and many others. That is why it doesn’t matter if you are a small startup company in the UK which sells digital services or a massive enterprise looking for a new way to increase efficiency our app developers will help you to create your own mobile strategy. A proper mobile application can become your key to capture customers and empower the employees of your agency.

Our knowledge and skills allow us to take advantage of smart devices assets such as
  • Built-in video, camera, and audio;
  • Accelerometers;
  • GPS location;
  • Touchscreen and many others.
App development for iOS-based Devices: iPhone, iPad

One of the core services of our mobile development agency in London is a tablet and smartphone mobile app development on iOS platform for iPhone and iPad. iOS platform supports advanced technology and Apple devices’ screen resolution allows implement detailed graphics design. Using all the advantages of this platform we create apps with powerful functionality and first-class design. We worked with a number of brands from a vast range of industries and now we are experienced enough to help you get the most from your iOS app. Now we are fully proficient at understanding iOS and its characteristics. Whether you want to develop an app for iPhone or iPad we are excited to think about finding the best iOS solution for your project. Besides, we ensure that your software tool will be successfully submitted to the App Store in spite of all Apple’s restrictions and strict review process. Among the features we offer for iOS apps there are search, push notifications, user registrations, data feeds, geolocation, social media implementation, advertising and many others.

Android Applications Programming

More than 80% of the global smartphone market powers Google’s Android operating system what makes Android undoubted leader of the OS battle. Today it runs most of the major smartphones and gives access to all these phones owners with an Android app. The crucial thing is to optimise your app for the variety of the devices running Android and their screen resolutions and sizes. The open-source and Linux-based OS allows our developers to utilise all its functionalities and create an app of a high quality and reach a new audience. Our team will help you to define the right strategy to help maximise your ROI. We always learn something new and use the latest Android technologies and offer an extensive range of features including analytics, Backend/Database integration, media embedding and many others to achieve increased brand awareness, sales, and improved business efficiency.

Software Solution for Windows and BlackBerry

We are professional web and mobile app development company and know how to create a software solution not only on Android and iOS, but Windows, BlackBerry, etc. We are able to build seamless programs for both desktop and mobile devices. And we can guarantee that our apps will satisfy your particular needs. Before we start our app making process we are discussing your business goals and doing a deep marketing research of your competitors and customers to ensure the highest quality, profitability and competitive advantages of your software tool.

Web-based App Development

Since the release of HTML5 and CSS3, mobile web solutions became an essential part of the mobile strategy formation. We combine our experience with modern technologies to bring user experience to the next level. The real potential of this is displayed with such features as an implementation of swipe and zoom gestures, audio and video embedding, storage database inclusion and others. The great advantage of combination HTML5 with any high level programming language, as PHP, Swift, C++, is an opportunity to use the web-site even being offline. Besides, all the latest browsers don’t need any additional plugins to support the new features of HTML5. It is a good alternative to native apps such as Android-based, iOS, and others, that works on a variety of web and mobile platforms at the same time. Our team of HTML5 can help you define the strategy for maximising coverage opportunities and revenue generation. We offer:

  • Cross-platform capabilities to maximise the reach to target audience on all market segments;
  • Flexible design and styling;
  • Well-adapting capabilities to any screen and device;
  • Affordable rates.

Here, in our mobile app design agency in London, we adhere to the following principles of work:

Our app development process is based on collaborative development, we constantly ask for your feedback to achieve the best results of our teamwork. You can feel your involvement in the development process on every stage of the from the determination of the best solution for your business objectives and budget and to the following upgrading and maintenance.
We start our work with the questions “what are your main goals?” and “What do you want to achieve with this program?” It helps mobile developers to understand what kind of custom software solution will be the most suitable for your tasks. During the creation process, we use iterative approach for better flexibility and efficiency. As soon as our project manager and architects of our development agency in London found out the core features of the  future app, our team of programmers gets a task to create an MVP, minimum viable product, that present a working program with basic functions.
UI/UX Design
It ‘s nice to achieve great functionality in a program, but it is pointless without a great design. We implement an innovative design to ensure an excellent user experience for the app being both visually attractive and easily navigated. In collaboration with your brand team, our app design agency can also make your brand working in an app framework. An extensive design experience helps us achieve the perfect usability and implement your brand throughout your app starting with its icon and to individually designed menu buttons reaching visual identity of your product.

User Experience

After we created the initial layout of your app interface we do UX tests to be sure, that your app future users will be easily able to grasp what button to use to accomplish this or that action. We gather a group of examiners who have a set of characteristics relevant to your potential users. This group of people tests your software tool and according to their feedback, we make certain improvements. Every click and swipe of the user’s journey within the app should be clear and intelligible.

User Interface

When the program flow becomes clear we provide several design concepts to give you a choice for your software to stand out within its app-category. We follow your brand guidelines to match your brand identity. And during this stage we make sure your app looks perfectly well on every screen no matter what its size and resolution. We strive to the excellent and smooth interaction animation as well. Our final goal is to deliver easy to use, engaging and elegant designed app.
Quality Assurance
The poorly working program never brings you a good reputation. We understand it pretty clear and strive to deliver you a high-quality product which appeal to the users. With all the variety of screens and operating systems versions it is essential to test, how it work in different environments. Our QA department takes care of it testing app on a full range of devices. Only when it passes a heavy testing it can be submitted to App Stores. After launch QA team keep monitoring the app to eliminate any bugs and crashes and make user experience even better.
QA process includes:
  • Tracking of essential features and making sure they corresponds users’ expectations.
  • Testing of each code unit during the integration process and the whole combination to see the project effectiveness.
  • Modeling of poor conditions to check the reliability of your software tool in adversity.
  • Revealing vulnerabilities of your software to protect it from hacker's attacks
Support and Maintenance
The success of your software product launch in many respects depends on your marketing campaign. Every app, including the most viral ones, needs some help to get started. Our agency, UK, can assist you in such spheres of marketing as:
  • Mobile advertising
  • App reviews
  • Social Media Placement
  • Marketing Analytics
Besides, you can rely on our knowledge in App Store optimisation. We assist you in writing a compelling description of your software tool, making it easier to discover. Our team won’t leave you after release; we offer our support and maintenance to help your app evolve and live a long life.

Mobile Consultancy

One of the aims of our development agency is to empower your business with a proper mobile tool. We develop new strategies making mobile an integral component of your marketing and communication directions. We make the best use of mobile understanding and experience of how it engages with the audience. Our mobile app developers and designers define the best mobile development approach that fits your business and help you to plan your product the way it could be quickly delivered to the market with minimum loss of opportunities. Always listening to you we ensure your project will have maximum success, and we keep in touch with you at every stage of development process.

Why us?

Our team of advanced mobile engineers, analysts, developers, and designers in London uses the experience to form the foundation for a productive work with numerous platforms, programming languages and industries. We accompany you through the whole process of app creation from strategizing to submitting and further maintenance. You don't need to ask yourself "Where to find mobile app developers", because it is easy to do business with us:
  • We are business-focused, we know your needs and now how to achieve a better result for your business.
  • We keep to the flexible and iterative process of development eliminating the number of bugs and allowing more opportunities for new features implementation.
  • We have access to many libraries with reusable codes what makes app building quicker and more reliable.
  • We work with numerous platforms and technologies reaching the whole audience of the smartphones market.
  • We pay additional attention to the security issues.
  • We are sociable and collaborative; we value your ideas.
Our professional approach will help enhance your company and lead it to prosperity. Our mobile app development agency in London gathered the best minds under one roof  to turn your ideas into working software, which increases your ROI. Let us know about your project and we will be happy to implement it in reality.